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Best Quality Widu Hair Brush

Widu Bristle Wooden Hair Brush

Large Oval Pneumatic Ash Wood Baseball Bristle Brush. The classic shape and one of our most popular styles. Guaranteed to give your scalp that wonderful tingly feeling.

Widu Hair Brush Reviews
  • “I purchased it for my wife as a birthday present and she absolutely loves it!!” – J. Davis
  • “BTW, my hair is long, curly and thin; my daughter has thick, mildly wavey hair.” – L. Smith
  • “That’s why I use the wooden bristle brush, it detangles, massages my scalp and does no harm to my hair.” – tomboy

Widu Wooden Bamboo Bristle Hair Brush 1 Count

Ash wood rectangular brush with extra long Bamboo wooden bristles.

Widu Large Rectangular Brush with Removable Head

Large Ash Wood Wooden Bristle Brush with Removable Head. head can be removed for washing and replaced down the line. A truly earth-friendly option.

Consumer Reviews
  • “The bristles feel wonderful on my scalp and I love brushing my hair with this brush.” – sister midnight
  • “Super classy line, down-to-earth, quality construction, and has a nice, hippie tree hugger feel.” – Kendra Holliday
  • “Recommend Widu brushes 100%.” – Karin BN

Widu Ash Wood Bristle Hairbrushes Large Pneumatic Rectangular Paddle

Designed by a hair stylist in Milan, Widu brushes are handmade by artisans with impeccable old-world craftsmanship for long-lasting performance and durability.

Widu Ash Wood Bristle Hairbrushes Extra Large Pneumatic Paddle Extra L

Widu brushes are handmade by artisans with impeccable old-world craftsmanship for long-lasting performance and durability. The wood bases of the Widu brushes are sustainably harvested from managed forests and finished naturally with purified linseed oil and beeswax.

Widu Ash Wood Bristle Hairbrushes Rectangle Travel with Removable Head

Widu Brush Travel Brush with Removable Bristles Hair Brush WHY WIDU? All natural bristles for healthy, shiny hair. *Massages the scalp. *Adds luster.

Widu Extra Large Paddle Brush

The largest wooden bristle brush we sell. Extra large paddle style brush with our invigorating longer wooden bristles. Perfect for blow drying long hair of one length.

Widu Water Resistant Non-Toxic Colored Purse Sized Brushes Purple Passion


Earthline Wooden Massage Hair Brush Large 611 Massagers Relaxing & Energizing

Front label panel: new england Earthline bodycare Maple Hairbrush #611 Instructions: Use as you would any hair brush. Ingredients: Nine inch wooden brush with wooden pegs.

Buying Guides
  • “The perfect hair brush for me, no digging into my scalp and so easy to keep clean.” – Ms Vava
  • “It is very massaging to the scalp but my thick hair isn’t brushed well by the widely spaced tines.” – mrspooley
  • “The overall look of the brush is sexy, I wish they could improve the plastic/rubber part of it.” – TawhidKhan

Bass Brushes Large Oval Hair Brush Wood Bristles
Bass Brushes

Large oval, wooden hair brush, with cushion, and wooden bristles.Bass Brushes have been used and recommended by hair stylists everywhere. There top quality bristle and craftmanship have proven their durability even under the most demanding professional use.

Consumer Reports
  • “The Bass Brushes are less money and better quality than the expensive Widu brush I have- wished I had just stuck with Bass.” – M. R. Barger
  • “Also the wooden bristles are really nice when they touch the scalp. since I cut my hair I find my scalp really sensitive to any brushes and this one really help.” – tebaldi
  • “Very nice brush that works well on my hair and is easy to pull out the hair and clean easlily enough.” – Marian J. Farris

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